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In a functional  “Symbiosis,”   the  game will  organically  respond to your actions,  so that your progress and skills, including the utilization levels of your armors, weapon repair abilities, even your aiming and the quantity,  grade  and the ferocity of  your enemies  will change depending on how you choose to progress  and  how you manage your progress  throughout the game.  

This “Symbiosis” also remain functional for all factions in the game.

The AI is highly organic, so that NPCs  respond to the dynamics in the game in symbiotically in true form. They can move more freely across and between the  territories.

NPCs, as if a replication of real life, collect items and weaponry from the dead, pile the bodies. They help each other, give medkits. They steal your items from your stashes. They shop offline at the traders and buy guns and other items.

Anomalies dynamically change locations, NPCs  throw grenades  with deadly accuracy, the APCs with active turrets and the attack helicopters with heavy guns wait and search for you day and night. You will not want to be found.



You can watch this video in HQ. Depending on your Internet speed, you may need to  wait  for buffering.    







NEW  •  First time in S.T.A.L.K.E.R:  "Post-explosion APC Damage Graphics" implemented. Now, when an APC is hit in combat, instead of leaving behind two car tires and a pipe, the seamless graphics create the blown-up and burnt-out APC remains in uninterrupted transition.


NEW  •  Pripyat vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Pathway handling problems which have caused repetitive problems and crashes in the past have been eliminated by script changes in relevant parts. AI is freed in certain sections of Pripyat events. Pripyat Rooftop Snipers are reassigned to come down from their rooftop positions by scaling down the buildings and to join the ground assault.



NEW  •  Yantar vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Pathway handling problem (Kruglov/Semenov Syndrome) which also caused repetitive problems and crashes in the past has been eliminated by in-game restructuring, an approach which also helped to increase the local game dynamics greatly. 



NEW  •  A new Hostile and mobile APC is introduced into the Pripyat Sniper Alley. (In Extreme Mode only)



NEW  •  Army Warehouses  Level  Attack Helicopter Squadron vs. Freedom Base APCs Battle event has been restructured. Now, the Helicopter Squadron with independent two-stage logics initially attack the Freedom APCs, then one by one they start targeting the Player as well while the battle continues.



NEW •  Cinematic Explosion Effects for Uranium-tipped NEWSA missiles, created by EggChen.




• Progressive gameplay, the game will organically respond to your actions

• Your skills (including the utilization levels of your armors, weapon repair abilities, even your aiming skills) and the quantity, grade and the ferocity of your enemies will change depending on how you choose to progress and how you manage your progress throughout the game.

• The AI is open, meaning free, so that NPCs respond to the game dynamics organically, they move more freely (those who have a scripted mission get free after its completion).

• NPCs, as if a replication of real life, collect items and weaponry from the dead, drag bodies from the streets to locations where they can pile them.

• NPCs shop at the traders and buy guns and other items.

• Anomalies dynamically change locations

• NPCs throw grenade with deadly accuracy

• The APCs with active turrets lie low and wait for you (may even chase you) and Attack Helicopters  patrol the skies for you, day and night.

• Terrifying Deadly Blowouts

• Deadly Random Horror-Times (in Full-Horror Time and Horror-LITE sub-version)

Progressive Total-Open Gameplay:  From the start of the game, all Level Exchangers are open (10 more in this mod than what vanilla S.T.A.L.K.E.R. offers.  But in order not to allow player to skip all the missions and go to directly to the last stage of the game, some passages leading to those areas are blocked, forcing the player to take the missions or make a long detours.)


• Enter any of the Factions and Change Game Alliances, many times over.


• Repair your status with other Factions through the traders.

• You can return back to the Zone (continuing from Pripyat) after you enter the final transporter in NPP. The game does not end there.

• More dynamic Zone economy. All items (except the quest items) are now tradable. NPCs buy and sell everything possible. (items are now more expensive to buy, so while you have more opportunities to raise funds, you will need even more funds to sustain yourself in all matters.)

• Fully Dynamic Chaotic Weather.

• Dynamic prices. Item & Weapons/Ammo Prices change from trader to trader and further change also after you have completed certain missions. So keep your eyes on the prices. You’ll get cheaper and cheaper prices as you progress in the game.

• Some suits, which are tied to scripts, function to heal the "bleeding and damaged health" at different speeds and levels, while giving some side effects for wearing them. Nano Suit has the highest healing power.

•  More translations made.

Medkits (all range) provides much less healing properties. Normal-Medkit: 40%, Army-Medkit: 60%, Scientific-Medkit: 80%

• But,
Medkits also offer Anti-Radiation properties; by this approach, One-Key Anti-Radiation healing has been enabled, too.

• Medkits Anti-Radiation properties: Normal-Medkit: 30%, Army-Medkit: 50%, Scientific-Medkit: 100%

• Anti-radiation Jab healing is 20%

• Bandage healing is 50%

• Vodka Anti-Radiation properties are almost zero.

• There will be significantly less (than the previous version) Medkits in the Zone, either in stashes or on bodies. (Still there are enough)


You will get hungry faster.

• There are very little -yet still manageable- food in the Zone, either in stashes or on dead bodies. So, stuck your food supplies whenever you find the chance. Most traders sell food, but prices change as usual. (You can also eat mutant pieces, instead of selling)

• Pripyat Trader (upon you manage your way there) offers a wide range of items, weapons and ammo to enable your resupplying on your way to NPP.

• All items are tradable. (except quest items) Prices change over the course of the game.


Unique NEWSA  -Nightwatch Enhanced Weapons and Ammunition- Weaponry:


FN2000NW-SPX .45cal

The FN2000NW-SPX .45cal is a modified Special Edition FN2000 which fires proprietary Uranium-Tipped Explosive Magnum Rounds and Uranium-Tipped Enhanced Mini Rockets.
The weapon is primarily designed as part of a Critical Solution Tactical Weaponry Systems for infiltrating Special Operations Units who are subject to confront fortified armors and attack helicopters while facing heavy fire. It uses a 50 round double lined clip and has 1, 3 and full auto fire modes with increased range of fire. When fitted with a silencer, the onboard electronic fire control mechanism successfully manages the muzzle gases in such a way to significantly reduce the negative silencer effect.





"Rapid-Fire Multi-Missile Launcher" with integrated "Scope," firing NW350-SP Uranium-Tipped missiles. Places multiple devastating blows on targets by firing "highly-accurate 6 missiles under 2 seconds." Integrated "High precision Scope" for long range target spotting and tracking. Indispensable against attack helicopters, APCs, well-fortified heavily armed opposition positions, large groups of mobile targets.





The multi-ammo N134-SP is a highly modified Special Lightweight Mini-Gatling Gun.
Fires 9mm Parabellum and 9x18 bullets by using 3 of its 6 barrels in alternate modes for two different size ammo groups, as well as being equipped with two ammo feed and firing mechanisms, thus utilizing the surplus ammo in the zone with deadly means.
While it retains the ability to inflict a "Devastating Damage on Targets," it boasts a "Significantly Increased Accuracy and Ease-of-Handling" that comes with Reduced Recoil in comparison to its bigger siblings, thanks to the clever management of firing sequence and use of smaller caliber ammo as well as the light alloys used in its manufacture.



Groza-NT is an enhanced assault rifle boasting a longer barrel than other Groza class rifles and comes with increased accuracy, power, and range. Primarily designed (developed from previous Groza-NW) for Special Operations Units who are in need to operate under unfavourable conditions. It is chambered to use 5.45x39 ammo. Equipped with a 50 round double lined clip and has 1, 3 and full auto fire modes with increased range of fire.
When fitted with a silencer, the onboard electronic fire control mechanism successfully manages the muzzle gases in such a way to significantly reduce the negative silencer effect.



Nite1-SP (developed from previous Nightwatch-SP) a specialist edition, 4 firing mode, competition grade offensive handgun based on a 50 caliber Desert Eagle frame and firing solutions set with the projected implementation of Heckler & Koch Mark23 mod 0 “offensive handgun” designed for US SOCOM. Its double-lined magazine accommodates 20 rounds of 9mm Parabellum.
The assault handgun boasts an excellent accuracy second to none in handguns.
When it's fitted with a silencer, the onboard electronic fire control mechanism successfully manages the muzzle gases in such a way to significantly reduce the negative silencer effect.
Manufactured with use of titanium and chrome-vanadium alloys, enabling the gun to be very reliable and virtually indestructible under the harshest climatic and combat conditions.




Nite14-SP    Full-Auto Fast-Load Shotgun
Nite14-SP is a FULL-AUTO FAST-LOAD (One-Move-Load) Shotgun offers an Increased Damage Factor and a Narrower Firing Angle thus provides a Highly Concentrated Hit in rapid succession on the target with Increased Stoppage Effect.
The 14-shell capacity Nite14-SP utilizes a proprietary One-Move-Load system by the use of a 14-round magazine housed in weapon-handle/butt.



NESC15     Enhanced Scope for Groza-NT
An Enhanced Rifle Scope. Specially designed for Groza-NT only. Offers a longer range target spotting with a clearer view.




A deadly Uranium-Tipped Explosive Magnum Ammo. Developed to be used against attack helicopters and heavy body armors with devastating effect.

Rifle-fired, long range, highly accurate Uranium Tipped High-Explosive mini rockets. Designed to be used as of one-shot solution in critical situations against heavily fortified opposition positions, battle tanks and attack helicopters.


Uranium-Tipped, Highly Accurate and High-Explosive long range missiles for NITE6-MLSP Multi-Launcher.  NW350-SP boasts a higher explosive power, wider effective area and a longer range than its sibling NW310-SP. Designed to place a decisive blow in "time-critical situations" against heavily fortified opposition positions, battle tanks and attack helicopters.



          Also Introducing:


The toughest Pseudodog in the game who will hunt you while scorching the earth with its flames. You need to play the game to realize its power.



photo: fiznerpin1962

photo: fiznerpin1962


NEWSA.SIMBION_Tweak 3.0  Comes With  4 Modes








   All of what Horror-Time offers, Plus many more elements, such as:

  • 15+ More Hostile APCs (totalling 26+)

  • 5 More Helicopter Attacks with More Persistent and Aggressive Logic than the other helicopters

  • APCs and Helicopters are better shielded against missile hits

  • Bullet ballistics such as: "bullet air friction" and "in-fly gravity force"  have been more correctly applied, resulting a much more severe consequences for the player.

  • Player receives the enhanced NEWSA weapons much later in the game as rewards to different missions.

  • Deadlier zombies and more in numbers.

  • There is Only ONE NANO SUIT in the game (no trader sells) and while it's essential to have it later in the game, getting it requires a very bloody confrontation. Also there are only two ABC Repair Kits available, one to find as a reward, the other one is buyable from Sakharov only after the completion of Yantar X16 mission.

  • Blow-out in Red Forest (which is already deadly in all other modes) is even more powerful now, making the acquirement of the Nano Suit a must.

  • In order to survive  the initial Red Forest Blowout, you need to enter the Sniper Bunker there, getting through the lines of hardened Monolith soldiers. But, the door codes of this bunker and the Ammo Bunker in Brain Scorcher  complex have been changed in this mode, and the numbers gathered from any found PDAs would not work. Real numbers are written in various places under disguise. You need to be careful to notice and note those numbers and try them on the locks.

  • A more powerful Redhell Bloodsucker introduced in this mode with more enhanced cloaking, vision and attack parameters. Though not visibly distinguishable from the Bloodhell version, but you will know it when it uncloaks in front of you.

   The rest, you will notice when you see them ...if you are quick enough!


SAVE your game before speaking with any mission-giver NPC and after the completion of any mission.





Class ranks of spawning NPCs and mutants in each version will differ in  variations.


In the context of progressive gameplay, in a functioning Symbiosis, the actual numbers of those you will be confronted within your own gameplay are subject to further changes depending on your gameplay.

Various measures have been applied trying to ensure that Horror-LITE and

Non-Horror versions should not be visibly easier than the Full-Horror Time.



  Helmet/Gas Mask    YES
  Horror Time Zombies & Creatures    YES
  HORROR-LITE   ABC Repair Kit    YES
  Helmet/Gas Mask    YES
  Horror Time Zombies & Creatures    60 %
  NON-HORROR   ABC Repair Kit    NO
  Helmet/Gas Mask    NO

  Horror Time Zombies & Creatures

 (normal in-game zombies & creatures remain)



While playing NON-HORROR version, in order to enable you to complete some certain side missions, you will be allowed to buy the ABC Repair Kit from the traders who usually offer it, for the purpose of transporting it only. However, you will not be able to use it for any repairs whatsoever. While it stays in your inventory, if you attempt to use the ABC Repair Kit, the Kit will disappear. In such case, you will need to buy another one if you still intend to complete those missions.






                                  Players Corner





Current Version 3.0





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Please Do NOT Download and Install any unauthorized files of any nature whatsoever that may be offered by any persons, sites or links other than the downloads offered here.


Any such unauthorized files may seriously harm NEWSA.SIMBION_Tweak Mod,  your S.T.A.L.K.E.R.  game and your  Operating Software and may also carry various Malware.






The utmost gratitude is duly reserved for the creators of the  standard-bearer individual mods AMK, ABC, SRP, Zenobian and those who helped making the dream of uniting all these mods a reality under the original SIMBION.

NEWSA project, which originally started as an initiative to stabilize the then SIMBION (RC7.2) and to introduce a carefully balanced range of highly developed weaponry and special ammunition into the game, has now arrived this point of having overhauled the game stability, structure and missions realization to its third stage with version 3.0 and continued to introduce further wide ranging elements, some of which are seen first time in S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 


Thank you








  • EggChen:

  • Special Cinematic Explosion Effects for Uranium-tipped NEWSA missiles

  • Particle Enhancement P3 Mod elements

  • New Camouflage Skins  for APCs (for 3 versions of game APCs) and Attack Helicopters, also helicopter wreck stay timing

  • Monolith Armors skin designs

  • Clear Sky Asphalt Texture implementation

  • Compiled mod particle file

  • ZRP/NatVac: Yantar-Kruglov Alert Levels Correction Fix

  • Bardak: Gulag Community Check Fix for vanilla

  • Ket:  The official STALKER: Twilight K.E.T. mod 1.1   Navigation Maps

  • Nuclear Spring_1.0: Selected Textures (vehicles, plants, levels,  soil and stone) and the Main Menu Music

  • Sky4CE-SkyGRAPHICS_v1.78 Shaders.

  • Grump642: Clear Sky Nightvision implementation

  • Nandersen: Elite_Nightvison



I would like to thank the Law Students who have undertaken the mammoth task of translating over 6000 words of Russian Text of very difficult nature despite their heavy study schedule and despite the fact that they are not part of any gaming or modding community.

Thanks for their goodwill.

  • Anna Antipova  Translations

  • Aylin Berenti   Liaison


Further Thanks To:

  • Busetibi, as Professional-EXTREME Mode has been based on his idea.

  • Also, for his advisory role on "NEWSA weapons re-allocation in Professional EXTREME Mode."

  • EggChen, "Cordon Repercussions" event in Extreme Mode  has been based on his idea.

  • Also for his "far too many to count" invaluable efforts for the mod.

  • Jamie1992, "RedHell Bloodsucker" and "Hawkeye-1 Persistent UV Flash Grenade" has been based on his idea and initially prepared for him upon his request.


Also Special  Thanks to NatVac for sharing his unsurpassed knowledge with us all.



 Deepest Gratitudes

For Their Great Forum Support on Gameplay and Technical Matters:











And to all those who share their experiences  in the Zone with us.


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